Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kermit was wrong; it’s easy being “GREEN.”

Sometimes, you do something just because it feels right. Together with the Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple, our business friends and neighbors decided to give glass recycling another try. Let's face it, when you are promoting craft beer, and you are carrying close to one hundred choices, a pile of glass starts stacking up. Turns out Ambrosia, Corner Wine Bar, Usual Suspects, BR Steak House, Monkey’s Tail and Brother’s Bar and Grill were contributing their fair share to the landfill too.

Our glass recycling initiative has received attention around the city and surrounding towns. Try to imagine how proud we were when HARMONI (the Historic Midtown Initiative) and Green Broad Ripple, Inc. nominated the Green Broad Ripple Restaurant Group for a SustainIndy recycling award this year.

So, Kermit Baby, enough with the sad lament. Although none of us can do everything, each of us can do something. Ten tons of glass diverted monthly from the landfill is a fairly heady success. Once we finish the nomination partying, we are going to focus on the next best step for sustainability in our Village. We love our pond and lily pads; we intend to take care of it.

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