Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Shamelessly stealing the opening line from A Tale of Two Cities, we apply that notion to survival in 2009. Now that the recession is over, we have been reflecting on the last year (and a half). Had anyone bothered to ask us in the spring of ’08, we could have reported what it took the economists another five months to admit. Things were bad, and it looked like it was going to get worse.

First plan of attack, face the facts and endure. Tom invented a “recession busting” menu and slashed prices. Wow, now that was a gutsy move! I went to work on economical, yet delicious soups (just in case the soup/bread line cued up at our door). No one really knows how bad a recession is going to get. I just recalled what Mum always said: “Be prepared for anything and keep plenty of pork and beans in the cupboard.”

In this Village, we believe, if you take care of your customers (the word “friends” is interchangeable here), your customers will take care of you. We did…and you have. As we bid 2009 goodbye, now is a great time to say: Thank you. Thank you for making the Union Jack Pub your place to meet friends and family. Thanks for filling our old wooden halls with laughter and intelligent conversation. Thanks for loving our food and drink and atmosphere. Thank you for sharing in the frivolity a community always patches together to maintain balance, while getting through the hard times.

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