Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every game, every goal...

It’s taken awhile to sort out the Village response to World Cup Soccer 2010. Since our Pub has been an English Premier League venue, we did anticipate a robust English contingent, cheering their lads on. We also reckoned we would get some new soccer customers wanting to see how USA would contend on the international scene. Beyond that…who knew?

Well, every day we opened our doors to a new wave of color. There was The Orange, growing ever more hopeful that Netherlands really could go all the way. The White jerseys of Germany and La Roja of Spain sporting international flags, tied around necks. Uruguay and Argentina fans wearing beautiful baby blue jerseys while their favorite players proved they were no babes in the woods when it came to football. All seemed to believe if they yelled louder than the vuvuzelas, their team might advance. Customers arrived, cheering Brazil, Paraguay, Ghana, and Greece. Those four weeks of magic proved to us that America’s amazing melting pot is bubbling away brilliantly.

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